Umeken Pomegranate Balls CoQ10

180g (325 balls) Approx. 2-3 months supply / Take 4-6 balls anytime during the day

Good News for Women
Zakuro Pomegranate Balls w/CoQ10
Pomegranate w/CoQ10 for your skin and health
Pomegranate has long been highly regarded as fruit for women. In addition, Co-enzyme Q10 has had the spotlight in Korea and Japan for its positive effects on the skin. Rather than drinking pomegranate juice, Umeken Zakuro Pomegranate Balls are in a delicious, chewable form that all can enjoy. The entire family can benefit from Pomegranate when taken daily.*
Show yourself with just 6 balls of Pomegranate Extract w/CoQ10
Two of the most beautiful women in history, Chinese imperial consort Yang Yuhuan and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, are both noted to have enjoyed eating pomegranate every day. As a plant-based source of estrogen, Pomegranate Extract contains natural vitamins, minerals, citric acids, and tannins- making it a welcome addition for women.*

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