Plum Ball Ex (50X concentrated) 35 Years of Experience

Umeken Plum Ball EX is 100% Japanese plum (umeboshi) that is made with an exclusive concentration technique to get 50x more concentration. It is then formed into our patented ball form, so it can be taken conveniently. The newly released Plum Ball EX contains Mountain Yam (Dioscorea oppositifolia) and is made as a family size, so the whole family can enjoy the benefits. Experience the effects of anti-oxidants that cleanse the body, prevent fatigue, improve circulation, and  rid the body of toxins for essentially $1/day!.
The Benefits of Umeken's Plum Extract
 Powerful alkalizing supplement rich in antioxidants to combat acidic foods like meat, processed foods, and carbohydrates.
 Assists stomach and intestinal functions by aiding digestion and metabolism, relieving gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, and diarrhea.
 Aids cardiovascular functions and optimizes liver function to give you more energy.
 Heightens immune system. Its anti-bacterial properties help to purify the toxins found in water, food, or blood.
 The rich organic acid content of plums prevents the destruction of Vitamin C and improves Calcium absorption.

Citric acid is known to aid with fatigue recovery.
Lemons may first come to mind when many think of citric acid, but plum extract contains over 58% more citric acid, along with other organic acids to boosts energy, aid digestion, act as a natural anti-biotic, heighten liver function, and stimulate intestine activity to reduce inflammation or diarrhea.

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1,800 Balls (6-12 months supply).  Take 5-10 Balls Daily before or after a Meal


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