Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls (Invigorate Your Liver)

Corbicula aids your liver !

Corbicula is known to help the liver.  Containing highly concentrated fresh corbicula from the pristine Shimane Prefecture of Japan, and acknowledged for its taste and quality, this product is conveniently made into a ball form.  It also contains turmeric and yeast extract, and is rich in amino acids such as methionine, taurine, and arginine, vitamin B, minerals and glycogen.

What type of Clam is Corbicula : They are small freshwater clams that live in sandy soil where freshwater and seawater meet.  They eat plankton or algae in sand or mud.


If you have the following symptoms, you may want to have your liver checked by a physician:

- Jaundice

- Liver Enlargement

- Seroperitoneum

- Pain in Right Upper Stomach

- Dark Urine

- Fatigue, Weakness of the Whole Body

- Hyposexuality or Sexual Dysfunction

- Hematemesis, Bloody Stool, Melena

Corbicula and the Liver: According to Dongue Bogam (Compendium of Materia Medica), Corbicula is nontoxic so there are no side effects when taken with other foods.  It clears the eyes, reduces fatigue, comforts the stomach, clears urine, controls blood sugar, is good for reducing fevers, and has invigorating effects.

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