Umeken Black Garlic Extract Balls

720 Balls, Approximately 2-4 Months Supply.  Take 8-15 Balls Daily.

Fermented Garlic Extract Balls

Key Points

• Garlic that has been fermented for a month to increase its efficacy and nutrient levels while eliminating the garlic’s strong odor and natural toxicity. 
• Contains allicin, a key ingredient of garlic known for its anti-bacterial properties. 
• Contains oyster extract to promote men’s health, especially as they age, and to support their stamina and energy level.
• Rich in Vitamin B1 and iron, a stamina booster.

What are the benefits of garlic?

There is an ancient Oriental proverb that says, “Eat onions in March and garlic in May – and the rest of the year you won’t need a physician.” This proverb shows for many centuries, garlic has been highly regarded for its many health benefits. Time magazine exalted garlic as the #1 health food item among 10 functional food products, and UK’s Independent News featured an article on 30 ways to live long and healthy, in which it encouraged readers to “eat garlic daily.”

Why is garlic especially good for men?

There are inscriptions on Egyptian pyramids depicting the pyramid builders consuming garlic to boost their energy and stamina. It’s also regarded as an aphrodisiac since it helps improve blood circulation. Garlic helps increase the temperature throughout the body and helps expand the bloodstreams which can help reduce blood pressure. Garlic also contains high levels of allicin, a powerful compound that adds to your vigor.

What is so good about “black” garlic?

Compared to regular garlic, “black” garlic is a much stronger antioxidant, proving to be 10 times more effective in removing free radicals (common cause of many disorders). Its level of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) helps reduce the damage done to our cells by superoxide, the most common free radical in the body. Black garlic also contains anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant not found in regular garlic. Black garlic lacks regular garlic’s strong odor and natural toxicity. which could even damage the stomach walls. In short, black garlic has naturally amplified the beneficial elements of garlic.

What is so special about Umeken Black Garlic Extract Balls?

Fresh garlic cultivated from Japan’s Aomori region is carefully selected and put through a special month-long fermentation process. The black garlic is developed to maturity under strictly-controlled temperature and humidity levels to ensure its quality and potency. During the maturation process, the garlic turns black, and its efficacy and nutrient levels rise. Umeken uses its advanced technology to then extract the black garlic into a ball form.

Who should take Umeken Black Garlic Extract Balls?

Black Garlic Extract Balls are recommended for those interested in the following health benefits of black garlic: increasing energy level and stamina, building up the body’s immune system, helping manage blood pressure and cholesterol, working as a natural antibiotic and natural antioxidant, and helping manage stress and anxiety level.


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