Umeken Japanese B-Glucan (3-10 Months Supply, 900 Pills )

Extracted from the 9 finest mushrooms Lingzhi

The 9 mushrooms in Umeken Beta Glucan and their main effects

1. Reishi: eliminates waste in blood, restores and regenerates cells, suppresses progression of diseases.

2. Rokkaku Reishi: there are twice more (40%) beta glucan - which recovers immunity and assists anti-cancer activity - in Rokkaku Reishi than in regular Reishi mushroom (19%).

3. Cordyceps Militaris: boosts immunity, strengthens body, enhances male stamina, improves high blood pressure and respiratory function.

4. Phellinus Linteus: improves immunity, anti-tumor effect.

5. Cauliflower mushroom: excellent effectiveness on the 3 most common cancers among Koreans, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer.

6. Pine mushroom: anti-cancer effect, suppresses cholesterol in blood, improves blood circulation.

7. Maitake: help prevents cancer production and metastasis of cancer, anti-cancer, tumor activities.

8. Chaga: anti-cancer effect, anti-AIDS, anti-influenza virus, improves diabete.

9. Agaricus: especially known for its remarkable anti-cancer effect.  It is said that the late President Ronald Reagan took it for his cancer treatment.


What are some benefits of Beta Glucan?

1. A powerful adjuvant to help anti-cancer activities

2. Help Enhances your immune system

3. Help Assists in reducing free radicals from our body

4. Helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels

5. Effective way to help lower cholesterol

6. A Natural antibiotic

This Amazing Natural Antibiotic product can help you improve your health in no time.  If you are a health conscious person and would like to improve your health and also would like to prevent from future chronic diseases and cancers, please take only 2-4 pills daily.  If you are or someone who has cancers, you must take 10 pills daily.  This product has helped a lot of people who suffers from cancers, diabetics, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatigue, HIV, and so on.  When you are taking this product, please make sure to drink plenty of water.  If this is your first time usage, please take them after a meal.  We will sell small sample packages in order for you to test it first before buying an original box.
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note* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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