Product name Nureoiran Female Cream
Body Sensual Private Massage Cream (Female Enhancer Cream)
Petrolatum, mineral oil, Cananga flower oil,, menthol, camphor, persimmon tannin, caffeine glycine, glycerin, tocopherol acetate, citric acid Na, zinc anti-acid, water, perfume, ethanol, propyl parabens
Keep in cool.
Prevent placing under direct sunlight and hot/humid conditions.
Method Apply appropriate amount on delicate area (clitoral area) and gently massage.  Gently massage until you have reached your desire and or your orgasm.   Wash hands after applying.  
 Origin  Japan

NUREOIRAN feminine body private cream

Best Selling Female Sensual Cream from Japan now Has Arrived in the U.S.

Note*** it will take at least 5 minutes or more to see the effect.  It varies from person to person since everyone is different.  1 bottle can use up to 3-6 months long.  It is all depend on how much you use it.  
***Warning*** Please watch out for Fake Cheap Imitation from China
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Note*** Everyone is different; therefore, if you feel this is not the right product for you.  Please stop using it immediately.  

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