Lipopo (90g)

90g (90 packets) 3 month supply / Take 1 packet per day.


1. What is macrophage?

Macrophages are immune cells that play a role in cleansing the body by eliminating not only pathogens, but also unnecessary waste products. It literally means to “eat a lot”. The cells responsible for ‘innate immunity’ are cells that 

engulf pathogens. This includes cells such
as natural killer (NK) cells, but the most
important among these is the 

Macrophages are also called phagocytes
because they move around the body like an 
amoeba and engulf and eradicate foreign substances. Innate immunity is a type of immunity that is present naturally at the time of birth, and is present not only in humans but in all living things on Earth

2. Do macrophages clean the waste products inside our body?

Macrophages absorb foreign substances, like pathogens, into their own bodies and break them down into enzymes. The absorbed foreign substances do not stay in the invading pathogens. Macrophages engulf and digest microorganisms like dust, as well as substances that died within the human body like dead cells, mutated proteins, oxidized cholesterol, and mutated cells (which include cancer cells).

Macrophages clean up all the unnecessary wastes within our body. If the function of macrophages is significantly reduced, our body will be overflowing with waste, which can cause many diseases. Therefore, we can understand the important role of macrophages in protecting our health.

3. What is LPS (Lipopolysaccharide)?

Found in various vegetables, fruits, and grains that grow on the ground, LPS block toxic substances from entering our cells and activate the macrophages. Macrophages help prevent diseases, cleanse our body, and maintain our innate immunity by engulfing bacteria, viruses, oxidants, denatured proteins, and dead cells.

4. What is the relationship between LPS and macrophages?

LPS activates macrophages to protect our bodies against bacteria and diseases. LPS allows macrophages to become physiologically active. Known as the ‘priming state’ of macrophages, the body is in a prepared state to eectively remove foreign substances. Although we may think that free radicals created by activated macrophages may adversely affect our body, the priming process is a silent activation.


Macrophage is an important immune cell that fights sickness by helping the body to remove harmful elements, such as bacteria, viruses, oxidized wastes, and dead cells in the body.


Note*** it will take at least 5 or more days to see the effect.
Please keep continue using them for at least 3 months to get the Maximum result.
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